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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 13, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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♪ ♪ neil: is health care thing is looking like prices are about to go down. the government is pushing the so-called health care plan and you're pretty much hopeless.
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and for other extended commitments, it leaves me wondering. is the health care meltdown coming? a lot of homebuyers got burned more than by what they really need it. this includes offering more features than almost any of them want. there is a reason why department stores have different sizes and clothing. one size does not fit all, unless your abercrombie and fitch and don't seem to care and you assume that your customers are at 32-inch waist and chiseled chest. let's just say fat chance. let's also say very good chance.
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>> it's great to be with you. you are right on par with your analogy. this will cost a lot more money and the will be the one to come around and more the system won't have an increased capacity. >> you're going to make an analysis by paying the penalty. >> you know, legislation was
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passed. >> it's like he didn't even have to take it, but he's covered because of the law. this is another thing and it's going to go on and on. the sign-up sunk the titanic. neil: it was not all that it was cracked up to be, i will tell you. and particularly, they are saying i told you so, i told you so. everything would play out.
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>> and then the notion that the butter knife needs to be taken to all entitlements. >> you think that he knew this when he was not up to speed. >> you were governor. and a very special governor. people are taking initiative with something you are doing and it wasn't going to go as planned. they are afraid to tell the emperor that he might close the. >> i gave instructions to all of my cabinet that you may disagree with me every single day in front of the media, as long as you will point out what your
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position is in the governor's position and stands on the issue. we are going to hash this out and work together and this is really no one had the heart to tell the president that it isn't working and this idea that you can keep your doctor was logistically not possible. >> a breakdown, when it comes to public policy, a bunch of people are elected to office and they have never hired and fired. hiring is easy and firing is really difficult and no one has been fired as of yet.
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neil: there's a lot of blame and the government. i may have hired and fired more than anyone else, all of everyone running for the president combined and they have hired and fired more. but when you have obama, he found the hiring really easy. and he's hired a bunch of people that have never hired and fired and it's not just obama, that is the public sector and this includes others that are trying to cement their opinions like this, their present policies,
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and there are a lot of reasons for that, not the least of which is the complicated health care law, but if he doesn't do this, what are these next three years looking like? >> i think that this is going to be one issue after another, ultimately less health care and wars health care. neil: should the government have any role in our? >> i think that their are those that are truly in need, but i think we have gone way over the line.
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>> we could have this includes new lines of eligibility that no one would have dropped off the cliff. and balance the budget and i think that the fact that we continue to borrow and spend more money than what we have is truly the biggest issue facing us.
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>> make no bones about it, i'm a i am a hawk, but what does that mean? we are going to drop bombs and military intervention and i think because of our military interventions we have hundreds of millions of enemies to this country. >> that is a mistake. neil: i believe that this is so. are you running against him? >> i get to speak on these issues and the differences between those being described as conservative libertarians in this includes marriage equality and women's right to choose. i think the dominoes have fallen.
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>> that is not a 20-foot wall if they want to build an 80-foot wall, there will be an intricate tunnel there. >> governor, it's always a pleasure. and this includes whatever your views are. keeping you ahead of the curve. >> you would think that things could not get worse for the white house. that but that is exactly what they are hoping for. we will explain in a minute. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier.
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i'm calling. call the hartford at the number on you screen to request your free quote. we'll even send you this free calculator. call: now. why wait? >> this website is becoming better and i would urge people to come back to health neil: we are here hearing that it won't be fixed by the end of the month as promised. there is a plus side to this being so dismal.
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you can only go up from here and what is your sense of that? and entitlement is forever, 345, america must look back and they may not get the chance to
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relaunch. he won the fight is the least of the administration's problems. and this has affected the president's popularity. >> the website is only important to construct an online system. it is disrupting millions of americans in the individual market. in this includes softening effect of those would be ushered into obamacare and this lays
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bare the problem and forces him to admit that he deceived voters in 2012. >> they can only go up from there. >> a lot of big companies,. >> who do you think is smarter at politics? though clinton or barack obama? in the and the clinton democrats are looking around the corner.
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and he wants them to be on the positioning around this on the republicans will sooner or later figured out and go down there and meet back. and this is cratering in saying that you can't say i. neil: all right, chris, thank you so much as always. the latest minimum-wage push.
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♪ ♪ >> you agree with raising the minimum wage? >> yes, i do. >> i think that the minimum wage should be higher. >> i think everyone in this country deserves to make what they are old by their employer.
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>> pushing the exact same thing everywhere. taking the minimum wage and the "a-team" says they agree. rick, what do you think? >> it is really one of my favorite subjects. you can read every report on us and i do and i can't give you an honest answer is as to whether it hurts or helps the economy. and as you analyze the impact, it's very difficult to ascertain if it helps or hurts jobs. >> you do have the moral issues of someone who shows up and goes to work.
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>> okay, i'm i am sorry, but an entrepreneur should make more money and say, hey, i'm just saying, it's not fair and it's not right for the government to tell what they have to pay. that's not capitalism and it's not right. it's a job killer. they don't want to raise unemployment because these businesses cannot sustain. and what i don't like what jersey has done is they have now enshrined in the constitution and not all businesses are part
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of this and are part of inflation. i do think one of the obligations of the state legislation had. the people have part-time jobs and who cares how much money do we make. it was spending money. and now we go into this. and i was saving for college. >> i was as well. you go into a fast food restaurant and you see the work has families and it's not okay to go to work and work hard if
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you can get 40 hours per week and go home. >> there is a difference between these jobs. >> i think that the issue then becomes having republicans freeness. you can argue if the government is trying to narrow that chasm between the rich and the poor.
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>> it should be. and let me just ask this question. how come nobody worries about the price going up on a product when the price of flour goes up and you have to pay more for a pizza. we talked about this they can make a reasonable wage, everyone goes out of this and this is why government has to have a hand in it. >> this is the part that gets
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spent. and this includes the training cost and the value of work. >> if they don't think they are being paid enough, moveon and work somewhere else. and in the meantime, truth in advertising. constantly putting . so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day.
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neil: the president claiming tobacco companies advertising to health care ads. they are not a good exactly truthful. and this includes the orders of the health care law. and it is a bit of an inconsistent sort of a physician, is it not? >> it is, and that doesn't surprise me. but when i saw these ads, they respected how obnoxious they are and what a bad case they are in the first person i asked is why don't they persuade people to do what they have mandated to do and why don't they save as, for
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example, as a disclaimer by million people, complying with the law can be detrimental. neil: at first look, i don't understand what these mean. i don't exactly get it. some of these others you are showing this every day work. and that should be outlawed in any area. but my point is that i don't get it and what i do get is that people get riled up when they think that they are making it look like this.
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>> including government supply birth control. there's a lot of young women in this country. neil: they are good on selling an image. and in the end you don't get a second chance to make a second impression. it will be very hard to overcome that. >> it is an unbelievable mandate
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in the life of an everyday citizen. it has been added and it has raised the price. >> there is a chance that you could die. the president is not showing any sound that he will be an angry and concerned democrats to delay it. he's not going to do that. so where are we going. >> i think the first thing that you have is when it comes to you
8:35 pm
this includes the political well being and he just doesn't care. >> the systems that would never fail can put together a workable system in support of a public policy issue on behalf of the lives of people on behalf of himself. this is the most narcissistic president that we have ever had. if it is about us, he doesn't give a darn. neil: i will put you down as a maybe for the president.
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and then you are going to go popping. it is happening right now and it is interesting. the sensation is costing us dearly, is not? >> we are a nation that is burning up 40% of its corn supply. now, in order to do so,. >> but that is not the case. >> your car doesn't run as well either. >> so why do we keep pushing it and why do we keep doing it?
8:41 pm
>> the reason we do it is farmers are addicted to ethanol is the guy at the end of the bar. >> people ultimately by doctors of stereo that cause this higher price. and then they realized that. >> there has been a good job that has been going on for years. the fact of the matter is that here in the u.s. we are kind of wealthy and we can deal with the rising price of food.
8:42 pm
there have been food price rights as a result of the increase in commodity prices because we are sending a large portion of the worlds food out the tailpipes of automobiles. neil: this mandate is in effect. >> how do you reverse this? >> you could probably just say no. this includes fighting global warming. and it turns out that it doesn't even do anything about climate change. and it makes some of the hungry and it makes some of the hungry people hungrier.
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>> there are material failures in the security of the obamacare website. >> there was no security testing before the launch. >> howard schmidt joins us. can you care this thing down?
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>> it is beyond this. from a security perspective, it's about all of the other components and in the last segment you talk about one size fitting all. you have external sources as bobby talked about with people disrupting an already disrupting the system. and you have the ability to maintain the system to get this in. so the bad guys can't get into the system. neil: when you are in a position. obviously that was your first impression. and how do you deal with that
8:48 pm
because i am much more worried about folks getting my health record going rather than trying to sign up on this website. >> one of the things that they do, and you have good reason to worry about are people that are in the public eye, they are the number one target is people like to sell it and they use it for extortion purposes. and they use it for identity theft and getting passports and stuff like that. but it's not just the system. it's all the other terminals. in this includes a situation that may not be so secure. it is the men and women that know how to do this. neil: how does that go? obviously, you know, i do know
8:49 pm
that it helps me get past my ignorance. you would think that in getting this running, there would be a lot of high quality i.t. people kind of running it on working with secretary sebelius and that does not appear to be the case. and this is obviously a very different magnitude. but what is the procedure? >> you have this design and you go into engineering and you go to the implementation and the maintenance and implementation really gets you in this case. because he said there and you have the ability to make sure the system pushes the data back and forth like it should. and you have to make sure that you talk to the outside and you have this.
8:50 pm
neil: i guess things will talk about where we were in the beginning. do we go from scratch, and maybe build something regardless of people's opinion? >> that is correct come you have to do it right. in a lot of cases. and build the other requirements about that. you're going to have a system that will never be fixed and will continue to see people become victims. >> do any of you remember this last night? $2.7 million for a very elaborate system.
8:51 pm
and it is a little creepy, especially the state not what they are doing it is not a commercial, we have reaching powers. >> thank you, my work doesn't end there. in my job saving this country. d before we even picked himp. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. killed
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>> no doubt there is a major netflix crazy if you talk to just about anybody on the street watching their shows on line in some format. but that gives the escape and go to the tv industry there is a lot more at work with the weak housing market talk about cable tv business pointing to the week-old sales market they're not engaging with the new subscriptions so i think that is more of a factor than netflix because most people do not necessarily cut the cable. some to but not for the most part. neil: but i do see on demand phenomenon getting a programming you want when you wanted that speaks to a
8:56 pm
younger generation lew are not tied down to a set schedule that is the wind at the back. what do you think? >> i agree. there have been 700,000 cable subscribers cutting the cord but look at time warner they don't have any mobile offerings just existing subscribers. they need to get on the ball to creates a cool application i am talking software to watch the shows that they want. we are cutting the accorded were changing the way we watch television. netflix may be overbought but at the same time time warner if they can get with it. they still have border brothers who makes content could be a by. don't count them out. neil: seven company's portfolio of benefiting from this of the apocalypse up
8:57 pm
the more they into larger percent since the debut of zero who walking dead. all of these companies. are they expecting the zombies to take over or are they just mad? >> i'd think there is the majors on the craze did you notice that how levine? but i don't think this is the stock's like smith -- smith and wesson i think natural disasters, terrorism , what pushes people up there to buy the guns or by the nice to prepare for the worst or by generators which is why those stocks are doing so well. people in general the fear level is the path they try to protect themselves. neil: and to all lots over
8:58 pm
the last year with hurricane sandy in the northeast that could be more weather phenomenon but something is going on with a run up happening too quickly? >> the world is a dangerous place for aside from natural disasters come a corrupt government, a bankrupt government, violence they will profit. i watched world war is the and none of this stuff will help with crazies on these running around. ♪ neil: day you hear that it is time for the nightcap what you'll keep an eye on tomorrow. >> i am watching janet yellen beginning of the confirmation. neil: you are going to bet tonight thinking of janet yellen?
8:59 pm
i digress. [laughter] >> i am watching her testimony not as simple dog and pony show but there could be some surprises that could trigger some volatility keep an eye on that. >> maybe if she will continue. >> i will go to bet dream of lower gas prices overnight aaa reported $3.19 on its way at $3 many states are already seeing below that. we're paying $3.44 that is a significant drop during the holiday shopping season. don't underestimate the power that will have on the consumer. it is estimated consumers are saving $200 million per day. that money goes into their pocket may be spent at the shopping mall so maybe look at the retailer's.
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neil: you can buy a lot of hickory farms cheese baskets can you imagine giving sandra smith that? will be here tomorrow with the fallout from all of the above. good night. to night on "the willis report." congress ramps up pressure and demands answers on obamacare. >> i tried to understand what you mean by fully tested. >> fully tested? holy cow this is a new low. >> officials cannot still say when it will be working properly. another provision that some say is a green light for fraud and you have to pay. your exclusive user's guide to shopping we watch out for you tonight on "the willis report."


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